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Team building with team competition


Eventful and greatly varied team competition that is suited for everyone. The competition contains theoretical, practical, and airy activities. The team that works best together and manage to organize their tasks in the best way, will eventually win. We emphasize that these activities are be available for everyone. The physical activities doesn’t generate many points, however the practical and theoretical tasks generate a lot of points. This means that the big and strong ones aren’t necessarily the winners; the fast and well-organized ones might rather be the winners!

The program is adapted according to the time schedule for the group.
An estimated time schedule for the following program is approximately 2 – 3 hours.

The group is divided into teams and we start the first part of the competition inside our evocative “Gamme”. Here the tasks have to be solved quickly.

The second part of the competition is a relay race that won’t be physically demanding. Here the contestants have to collect pieces with passwords that in turn will collect points to the team, among other things.

The third part of the competition consists of different climbing related activities, for example: «Ball in speed», balancing, suspension bridge, and rope ladder. Alternatively some of these activities can be repaced with ground-based activities, on request. Here are some suggestions: Bow and arrow, Dart, Axe throwing and Teamwork tasks. The team competition is concluded with a fun exam and we will hand out prizes for the teams inside “Gamma”.


Dinner in our vibrant dining hall Gamma after team competitions?
The vibrant and casual feeling of a meal served in “Gamma”, with the open fire, charming oil lamps and candlelight gives an atmosphere of safety and warmth. The food is homemade and based on local, organic ingredients and served with a great combination of drinks. This is the perfect place for good times and creative conversations – many strategic decisions has been made around our tables.

Groups 20 – 150 persons
2 – 3 hours
NOK 470,- p.p. – competitions
From NOK 1.400,- p.p. – competitions & dinner