Taste tests, memory games and classic true or false questions! Lots of fun guaranteed!



«Fleip, smak og fakta» (“True, False and Taste”) is a fun activity where the participants are guaranteed involvement and a good laugh or two. We come to your hotel where we split the group in into teams and present to you the 10 different tasks. These tasks may be anything from taste tests to memory games and classic true or false questions. Do you spend too much time in front of the TV or do you have vast knowledge of «less than useful» information? Do you spend much time cooking? Do you have amazing memorizing skills? Then this is your time to shine!

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate in this activity, and everyone brings something to the team.

The hotel can provide food and beverages during the activity. Contact your hotel to see what they can offer.

Schedule: Set aside 1½ hours
«Fleip, smak og fakta» is perfect as a social gathering in the afternoon and can be combined with a pre-drink before dinner. The participants are guaranteed to be in a great mood after this activity (unless you’re on the losing team), but either way you’ll have plenty to talk about the whole night through!

Prices on Tjøme
NOK 200,- per person include VAT

Prices in Tønsberg, Horten and Sandefjord
NOK 250,- per person include VAT